How To Spot A Tech Scam Before You Get Burnt

How To Spot A Tech Scam Before You Get Burnt

In this article AJR discuss How To Spot A Tech Scam Before You Get Burnt

Ok so to begin with If your computer had a virus, you would want to know about it as soon as possible, correct? Before your important files become corrupted, you lose your precious family photos and your digital life is essentially destroyed. Even thinking about that is terrifying if you don’t have a secure backup!.

Online Tech scammers know the majority of people would be completely lost without their computers, and the less tech savvy people don’t always know what’s going on behind the screen – which is why they have been able to swindle millions from every day people across the world.

The scam process:

You would receive a random phone call from a person foreign individual (usually Indian) that will tell you they are from Microsoft tech department, or Microsoft technical representative, or those over the top (We want you to panic!) alarming pop-ups that appears on the screen, saying it looks like your system has been infected with a virus. Or your ip address has been caught with unusual activity pay us a fine!.

To repair the problems on your computer, they will ask you to download some remote support access software, which they will provide you with a link to download.

The supposed Microsoft tech will then use that software to gain remote access to your system and make it appear your system is bugged with malware. Popup windows and Flashing screens will appear and fabricated fake errors…they are trying to make you panic, so they will try everything they can to achieve this reaction from you. They will even go as far as claiming your computer is infected with some sort of illegal content and if not removed, you will face criminal charges.

Demands for money and credit card details follow immediately after. Once you have fell for it and paid, they simply stop messing around with your computer to make it seem the issues have been rectified. That’s not the end as the scam will sometimes continue, they will soon access your system to recreate the previous issues, this time offering you a wonderful subscription service for ongoing support and protection. Just remember nobody can see your computer activity but you! The real Microsoft have no access in to your computer unless you permit and allow it!

What Should i Do if I Have Been Targeted By A Tech Scam?

  • Do not taunt them or try to be cleaver by winding them up!. Just put the pone down!. as of this moment you are just a phone number on their list and they will move onto the next unlucky person, it’s not personal and aimed at you directly its just a scam they don’t care who you are! – if you give them a reason to target you personally, you may find yourself in troubled situation

The real Microsoft will never randomly call people like this. Ever!. Their is legit Microsoft tech support but you would have to contact them and prove you were a Microsoft customer for the product or service you had paid for and having issues with. I have dealt with Microsoft technical support mostly in america and the states on numerous occasions for my subscription based clients when i needed assistance with a Microsoft product, and trust me they will never contact you with issues regarding your system.

If a pop-up appears, immediately run an anti-virus scan. Do not click the pop-up or call the number.

I Have Already Been Scammed, What Should i Do?

Try not to panic, I know you will have a sickly feeling inside and you feel horrible!, but you are not alone and the situation can be put right.

First things first call your bank immediately and have the charges reversed and your card reissued. It’s easier than you might think and helps the authorities locate these tech scammers.

Then give us a call and we’ll make sure they no longer have access to your computer and run thorough your specialist malware detection and removal process. If you want peace of mind you will find out AJR Cloud Tech service below reassuring click on the image below for more details. 

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