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AJR repair desktop computers, Laptops, iPads and iPhones,
We are specialists in fixing a wide variety of faults and issues, spread across a wide variety of devices and technologies.

We’re not just limited to specialising in the repair of computers and laptops – we also fix mobile devices too such as the latest tablets and smartphones, We specialise in repairing Apple devices also such as iPads and iPhones and have most parts in stock so we can offer a same day repair service, Want to know more about the types of IT Repairs we offer? Click on the links below;

Desktop PC Repairs

Whether you need more memory fitting, want Windows reinstalling, can’t remember your logon password or it just needs a clean out – inside and out; we can help.

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Laptop Repairs

Whether it be a virus infection, laptop running slow, damaged LCD Screen or you need a new battery; AJR can help.

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Apple iPad Repairs

AJR Can repair your Apple iPad. Whether it be a cracked screen and LCD problems, stuck power button, Not charging or help with using your iPad; AJR is here!.

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Apple iPhone Repairs

AJR Can repair your Apple iPhone – we repair all models. Whether you have dropped your phone and smashed the screen, suffered water damaged, pushed the home button too hard; AJR can help.

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