How i stop my computer from getting infected

How i stop my computer from getting infected

In this article AJR discuss How i stop my computer from getting infected

Of all the years working in IT this is one of those topics that i get asked from time to time. As an IT Professional there should be an answer we can give our customers explaining how they can keep their computers from getting infected with nasty malware. But the reality is there is no clear cut answer to this question and i give the same answer every time, Its not possible there is no way you can stop your computer from getting infected 100% but there are measures to can implement to protect your computer system and data store on the machine so in the likely event your computer does become infected with a nasty malware infection you are able to get your system up and running again and your priceless data is safe.

There is no magic solution or box of tricks to having your computer system squeaky clean and malware free but there steps you can take to better protect and shield your computer system and data from the malware infections floating around the internet. So lets get into it, below are some applications and tips you can use to help keep your computer healthy and your precious data secure.

Can’t stress Enough…Backup!!!…Backup!!!…Backup!!!

I can not stress enough the importance of backing up your data, Take the time to make sure you have a copy of your data for when those unfortunate events occur most of us have experienced this from time to time and yes i myself have had a moment of crisis but because i took measures to be prepared i was up and running in less then 1 hour, answer this “Your computer or your data ? i know which one i would choose a computer can be replaced but your data cant!. You probably have pictures of your children, grandchildren or important events all on your computer. However, imagine your computer is several years old your life is on there and you have never backed up the data the hard drive is getting old and it starts to click and before you know it…the hard drive has died and there is no way to recover the data, the hard drive can be replaced but your data is gone! One of the most challenging parts of working in IT is to have to tell someone they have lost all their data, i have had people cry on me uncontrollably, I once remember i went out to a newly married couple to take a look at their portable hard drive their photographer had put their wedding photos on and the drive was not loading up in this unfortunate event the drive had died there was no way to retrieve those precious photos, i took the drive back and explained to the couple the situation, The tears started from both the man and lady, i even got choked up it was horrid!, i even called their photographer while i was there to see if she had a copy she told me they had been removed from her archive after she transferred them to the portable hard drive as to the customers request, personally i would have kept that customers photos longer than 7 days and supplied them on a disc! but that was her policy. The couple thought they were doing a good thing by putting them on a hard drive instead of directly on the computer and yes they were on the right track it was just unfortunate the drive died and the photographer did not supply them on disc or have a backup.

Time and time again I hear the same old story when clients say “I have an external hard drive i will back up to when I can.” and they keep delaying backing up that data, Until they find themselves years later with no backup and precious data gone forever!. This is a regular occurrence and the cost of putting a backup solution in place is relatively inexpensive compared to the value of your data.

If you are in a position to invest in a solid backup program (Don’t forget this is your irreplaceable data here!) One Drive by Microsoft is a leader in online backup space and is something i personally use as well as an onsite backup solution (We can also setup and provide you with a drive and some extremely powerful incremental backup software. The good thing about One Drive is it is part of the Microsoft Office 365 package which can include the desktop version of the Microsoft office suite of applications such as Microsoft word, excell, publisher access etc.

Update!…Update!…Update! – Keep your computer patched, Updates are there for a reason!:

Keep it upto date you say, sounds easy enough! but you would be surprised on how many computers have an outdated operating system. Whether it be not having the latest Windows updates or 3rd Party apps like Adobe Reader, Java or Flash player plugin. These are notorious for having exploited flaws or “open doorways” that can potentially let in a lot of nasty stuff into your operating system. Firstly I would suggest running Windows Update in your control panel to ensure your system is up to date. For 3rd party applications, I suggest a program called PatchMyPC. Not only does this program highlight what 3rd party updates needs to be updated it gives you one button to update all programs that need to be updated. You can download it here:   Download

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Protection

Again this is something i personally use on my personal computers and my work systems, its the best one i have used, they have a great team who are constantly monitoring and keeping up to date, and the company has won endless awards over the years for its superb protection rates, and that’s why we recommend and sell it!, we only recommend software we use ourselves as we know first hand it works and that’s why we pay for it!. More info can be found at the links below we have two different types available a stand alone version you manage your self or a cloud based managed solution that we monitor and manage.

Standalone Version

Managed Version

Backup your Anti-Virus, With Emsisoft’s Emergency Kit:

Windows 10 computers’s now have what is called Windows Defender which is Microsoft’s own built in Anti-virus. However, I would not trust this to be reliable as for years it has been voted for bad detaction rates!.  As Malware evolves to better slip through the cracks of anti-viruses you will need some backup defence to check, and remove threats from your computer I suggest the  program Emsisoft Emergency Kit. Emsisoft has been rewarded on multiple years as the best Anti-malware program allround (This is way we are official resellers and use it ourselfs.  This version is a free scan and removal tool and its very effective in removing any stubborn nasties that may be in your system. You can find the download button below:  Download

A Little extra, It wont hurt!:

More and More fraudulent websites are been created everyday in the hopes to violate and take over your computer and steal your data. If your a google chrome user which is a browser i recommend you to use, i would also install Adblock Plus – this handy little chrome plugin blocks banner averts, wierd online popups, other websites tracking you, and malware from websites its totaly free and opensource.  To grab your free browser plugin you can download it here:  Download

With these tools, you are now set to not only protect your computers overall health but your precious data also. As mentioned previously, nothing is 100% and these suggestions are at your own risk. Just bear in mind that computers must be kept maintained in order to be effective which you need to commit to.

If you feel you would prefer a professional to handle your protection you can contact AJR below and we can take care of the protection for you to prevent infections. most users are plagued with our AJR Cloud Tech. Contact Us


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