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AJR Unlimited Cloud Backup Solutions, Rotherham South Yorkshire


Why Risk Losing Critical Business Data or Your Photos & Memories?

Get Peace of Mind Knowing Your Files Are Backed-up Securely in The Cloud With Unlimited Space!

AJR Cloud Backup

AJR Cloud Backup solution is a simple, secure unlimited online backup and cloud storage solution for home and businesses

Unlimited Online Backup Storage only £5 / Month

AJR Cloud Backup software is installed on your computer and configured to back up the files that are selected. It will then upload all of the files to the cloud and automatically synchronize all of the changed made so that if you ever have a problem with your computer, you have a copy of your latest files safely stored online.

Unlimited Home Cloud Backup Solution

Our home cloud backup solution provides you with unlimited cloud backup storage space for your computer and mobile devices, it doesn’t matter how many files you have got on your computer, AJR Cloud Backup Solution will back them all up, Its  Completely hassle free and monitors files as you work and you can Easily restore files using the restore feature.

  • Completely hassle free – monitors files as you work
  • Unlimited storage – it doesn’t matter how many files your customer’s got on their computer, we’ll back them all up
  • Easily restore files using our restore software
  • Access it all from the web, iPhone, iPad and Android with our free apps

Unlimited Business Cloud Backup Solution

If your business is looking for a cloud backup solution for all your users and computers in your office, AJR Cloud Backup is for you, It does not matter how many computers or users you have you just pay a flat monthly rate as we can tailor the package for the size of your business.

The best part is….its unlimited cloud storage space! And if you need an extra user account setting up no problem you just pay the agreed monthly cost and AJR can add your new user backup account. So your cloud backup solution grows with your business without costing you more money!

If your looking for more than just a cloud backup solution say you would like to collaborate and sync your documents between different computers and devices or your looking to set up user groups with different folder permissions this can also be setup in our more advanced business package it comes at an extra cost but with more functionality between your users and computers / devices.


  • Powerful and easy-to-use backup for all of the PCs in the office
  • Collaborate on documents by creating shared spaces – called Team Folders – which are synced between all of the computers
  • Each user gets their own Briefcase – a personal online drive that they can access from anywhere
  • Access documents anywhere – users can access documents on their PC or Team Folders from any web browser

Briefcase Case Feature

The briefcase is an additional feature that allows users to store files in a briefcase which is accessible for any user who has the AJR Cloud Backup software installed. The briefcase shows up on your computer as an extra hard drive making it easy to access data and add files to it. To make a file accessible to everyone all you need to do is move the file to the briefcase drive and it will immediately synchronize with the briefcase on all others user’s computers.

User Groups and Folder Permissions Feature

This feature is only available in the business package and it is for businesses that want advanced folder structures within the briefcase. For example if you wanted to have the manager’s documents that can only be accessed by the manager and then the staff documents which can be accessed by everyone. The manager group would be able to see and access both the manager’s documents and the staff documents but the staff would only be able to access the staff documents and would not even be able to see that there was a manager’s folder in the briefcase. The folder structures and permissions can be customised to suit your business and can be changed and modified at any time.

How To Subscribe To AJR Cloud Solutions

If you would like to subscribe to this cloud solution please use the subscribe button below, insert your name and contact telephone number. If you would like to subscribe to more than one cloud service use the drop down menu to select the number of service you would like.

Once we have received notification that you have subscribe AJR will contact you to arrange a remote support session to set up your new cloud solutions.

If you are a business client with multiple machines then please contact AJR as we are able to provide monthly invoicing with a range of different payment options available to suite your business.

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