Data & File Recovery

Data & File Recovery

Data & File Recovery

AJR Has recovered and repaired data for a range of clients – including home users and businesses in and around Rotherham, South Yorkshire,

Rotherham South Yorkshire, Data and File Recovery Service - Testimonial

Our no-nonsense data & file recovery service is available in Rotherham and throughout South Yorkshire and further afield using our postal service.

If you have been unfortunate enough to lose the use of a storage device containing valuable business information and accounts or just sentimental photographs and documents AJR is on hand to answer your queries. By telephoning or emailing us our professional and courteous staff will demonstrate not only a commitment to providing you with a first class Data & File Recovery service but the depth of our knowledge.

When you contact AJR we will give you specialist advice and offer a diagnosis as to the nature of the problem.

We're not like other Data & file Recovery companies that charge per Gigabyte. We have a flat rate regardless of the amount of data we will be recovering, or the time it takes us to retrieve your data all our customers pay the same price.

Our prices are fixed and the only reason we might charge more is if the storage device has suffered a mechanical problem.

Contact AJR for a quotation and we will discuss the nature of the problem before we proceed. The backup of your data is free. And once recovered it is stored on our secure encrypted backup server.

We transfer the data to DATA DVDs but if the volume of your data is in excess of 30GBs you will need to purchase an external storage device; You can purchase one of these from AJR. Your data is held for 30 days prior to the recovery in case you need access to it again within the 30 day period , then it is securely deleted from our server so no traces can be found as we adhere to data privacy and protection.

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