A Complete Cloud Solution and Unlimited Remote Support With Service Desk-IT

AJR Cloud Tech maintains your computer in the cloud without it affecting you!

AJR Cloud Tech & Service Desk IT – All performed through the cloud, With Unlimited Remote Support!

With our AJR Cloud Tech & Service Desk IT package it's a complete solution for your computer not only will your system be fully managed in the cloud with 24-7 / 365 system health monitoring, system patch management, Worry free maintenance and managed Anti-Malware protection running and monitored in the background, You will also receive unlimited remote IT support for any issue your having with that computer. A fantastic solution to keep Business IT Support costs down it works with a single computer or you can have it for a fleet of computers

What does the AJR Cloud Tech & Service Desk IT Do ?

  • It monitors key system information 24/7 365
  • AJR get stat alerts, such as network usage, System memory (RAM), Processor (CPU) utilisation, Disk space and more….
  • Automatic scheduled system maintenance for your computer, running in the background and does not affect the user
  • AJR gets early alerts and warnings about our managed cloud care customer’s computers, so we can prevent problems before they become a major issue, Such as low disk space and system crashes. Malware prevention
  • AJR can add and remove programs and even manage start-up applications without connecting to you remotely if they are causing an issue.
  • Monitor and update windows operating system updates.
  • Monitor and manage windows patch management 
  • Updaate windows programs to the latest versions
  • Unlimited Remote IT Support with most issues your having with your computer
  • submit a support request from your task bar, get remote support from your task bar also, no need to go to our website to establish a connection

How you benefit from the AJR Cloud Tech & Service Desk IT Package

  • Maximize efficiency with automatic cloud cleaning
  • Fast and efficient computer performance
  • Reduce support requests and repair costs
  • Priority technical support for AJR Cloud Customers
  • Get more performance from your computer system
  • Improve productivity
  • AJR Cloud uses safe and secure software you can trust!
  • AJR only see warning alerts, system stats, computer health status… your privacy is safe!
  • It's like having AJR clean, maintain and monitor your computer every day! Your Tech In The Cloud!

How To Subscribe To AJR Cloud Solutions

If you would like to subscribe to this cloud solution please use the subscribe button, insert your name and contact telephone number. 

Once we have received notification that you have subscribed AJR will contact you to arrange a remote support session to set up your new IT cloud solutions.

* If you are a business client with multiple machines then please contact AJR as we are able to provide monthly invoicing with a range of different payment options available to suite your business needs.

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