AJR can assist you in purchasing hardware, software and peripherals!

Ordering, configuring, and installation and setup of your new equipment, with on-going IT Support in Rotherham, South Yorkshire

AJR Provide IT Hardware Procurement and Installation Service In Rotherham, South Yorkshire

ICT Procurement works best with a supplier who is impartial, interested in your long-term success, has strong vendor relationships, and will balance cost against quality. Here's how AJR can help on all fronts

We supply IT Hardware and software for Businesses  a wide range of products and solutions from leading manufacturers of which we are an accredited IT Hardware Supplier including; Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Apple, Dell, Toshiba and more.

Our team have the knowledge and expertise to help make the right technology hardware and software choices for your business and can supply and setup the required Hardware and software for the needs of your business.


  • Servers
  • PCs and laptops
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Networking Accessories
  • Backup drives
  • Managed Anti-virus software
  • Managed IT Monitoring Software
  • Etc

IT Hardware Procurement and Installation Service Rotherham South Yorkshire

Why Invest In a Server ?

A Computer or Client workstation is meant to be used by one person, and if you connect five Computers together with a slow peer-to-peer network, every connected user will experience a painful performance hit, with hard drives all around the office spinning as employees look for files that could be residing anywhere. The bottom line: if you want your business to speed up, you have got to give it the horsepower it needs.

Servers are designed to be used by a group of people without slowing down, even as the group grows. By storing files centrally and moving commonly used applications from individual desktops to the server itself, performance is not a problem. Wired or wireless, you will have the speed you need. Servers have the kind of processing power your business needs to run multiple applications and access many files simultaneously. Dell servers feature Intel's Xeon family of processors for top performance. AJR can help you choose the processor speed you need to run your business at peak efficiency.


How much would a day of down time cost you and your business ? What would you do if your sales orders, client lists, e-mail archives, or financial records simply disappeared? Far too often, regular data backup is an afterthought for small businesses, but keep in mind that your data is your business and your business is your life!, and you should be doing your utmost to protect it. Servers can be configured to back up your data automatically by creating duplicate hard drives, recording data to tape systems, or even copying your files to a secure off-site location like our AJR Cloud Backup.


At the same time, you can tightly control interaction with the Internet. By using multiple levels of access control, data encryption, and firewall devices designed to keep intruders and viruses out, you can keep your information safe from prying eyes and hackers, even when your enjoying the convenience of a wireless setup in your office.

Consult With AJR

Dell and HP provide a wide range of servers, storage options, and peripherals to build real networking solutions for real small businesses. What's the perfect network for your business? Just ask. We will consult with you from start to finish, analysing your current needs and your plans for growth, suggesting the appropriate network design, helping you get your network up and running, and supporting it into the future as your business prospers. More about our IT Consulting Service 

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