Specialist iPhone Repair Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK..

Need a quick fix for your damaged Apple iPhone In Rotherham, South Yorkshire ?

AJR offer Specialist iPhone Repair in Rotherham


A phone goes everywhere with you, and with that comes a higher chance of it getting damaged – cracked screens, charging issues; our Specialist iPhone Repair service in Rotherham can fix all issues and problems you may be facing.

Don’t panic though! Our friendly, helpful Specialist iPhone Repair Rotherham techs will be able to access your problem, offer a solution, and most importantly quote you a price based around our easy-to-understand fixed-price labour charges. If you decide to go ahead with the repair, we will get your iPhone repaired as quickly as possible as we know how much you will be missing it and then let you know its ready to be returned to you – we can even lend you a basic mobile phone whilst the repair is being carried out.

We don’t believe in lengthy waiting times or expensive “Queue Jump” services – we treat every repair with the utmost priority and always aim to get your problem solved with same day within the hour service, but its not always possible with so on odd occasions its within 24 hours. AJR is proud of our prompt service! Don't live in the Rotherham area ? don't worry! AJR also offer iPhone Repair for customers who live in Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster. 


AJR can fix everything from cracked screens through to damaged charging ports – in fact, we can solve so many different problems that we can’t possibly list all of them, but have a look through the list below for some of the most common issues we fix;

iphone-broken-screen-repair-rotherham-south-yorkshire-uk iPhone broken screen repair

Smashed your iPhone glass screen, broken or faulty LCD screen can be easily replaced in no time!. All repairs will be performed by Apple repair specialists.

All genuine  quality OEM iPhone screens are full Units the LCD & Digitiser are fused together, our screens come complete with new home button and front facing camera. You can't just replace the glass, We order in large quantities so we can offer same day repair.

  • iPhone 4G | 4S - £40 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 5G - £40 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 5S | 5C - £40 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 6 - £50 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 6+ - £50 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 6s - £50 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 6s+ - £55 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 7 - £60 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 7+ - £65 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 8 - £65 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone 8+ - £70 (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone X - POR (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone XR - POR (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
  • iPhone XS - POR (Genuine OEM Quality Part)
iphone-liquid-spillage-damage-repair-rotherham-south-yorkshire-uk iPhone liquid damage repair

It's not been your day so far and you've just dropped your iPhone into water. Power it off immediately. Dry the outside of the handset and then come to see AJR. We will take care of the rest.

  • Cleaning Treatment - £40 (Due to time taken this excludes No Fix, No Fee)
iphone-software-problems- rotherham-south-yorkshire-uk iPhone software problems

Most software issues can be resolved in minutes. Your iPhone is stuck or has some other issues and no web search has helped. Just come and see AJR.

iphone-audio-or-connection-socket-charging-socket-repair-rotherham-south-yorkshire-uk iPhone broken sockets
Very common repair especially when you may have snapped the end of your jack or the gold pins are worn or missing. This can be easily repaired by changing the broken socket. Another problem can be caused by dust gathering in the socket. This again is easy to fix by cleaning it.
 iphone-battery-replacement-rotherham-south-yorkshire-uk iPhone battery problem

Your iPhone battery does not hold its charge!!! The battery simply needs replacing which will allow you to enjoy your device for much longer.

 dead-iphone-repair-rotherham-south-yorkshire-uk Dead iPhone

When your iPhone is not turning on, you may think your iPhone is broken and that you're going to need to buy a new one but there are a lot of things we can try to fix your iPhone.

*Diagnostic charge applies

Specialist iPhone Repair in Rotherham

Our iPhone Repair Service covers the whole of Rotherham and surrounding areas. Get in touch with AJR to arrange a same day repair, drop it off and leave it with us to repair within the hour.

Why Use AJR to Repair Your iPhone In Rotherham, South Yorkshire?

iPhone repair Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Uk

Apple iPhone Repair Specialists
AJR is highly-trained, experienced in iDevice repair

iPhone repair Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Uk

3 Months Part Warranty
We only use high-quality, original Apple OEM parts and offer a 3 month part  warranty on most repairs.

iPhone repair Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Uk

Your Data is Safe
We adhere strictly to data protection laws. Your data is completely safe with us.

iPhone repair Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Uk

Same Day Repair, Within 1 hour
We will fix your device on the same day we receive it

iPhone repair Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Uk

48 Hour Delivery for postal repairs 
We will return your device by Royal Mail Tracked & Insured Next Day Delivery

iPhone repair Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Uk

No Fix, No Fee
In the unlikely event we can’t fix your device we will not charge you. (excludes Water Damage and Dead, No Power device Repairs)


If you have got a different iPhone problem or repair that you need carrying out but its not on the list, don’t panic – there’s no need to go elsewhere – speak to AJR first and we’ll be able to tell you how we’re able to help.

That Sounds Great! What Now?

Drop Off For Repair

You can drop off your device or hardware with AJR and we can repair it in our workshop, once repaired we will let you know it is ready to be returned back to you. either come & collect or we can drop off if that works better, we show you its working before we collect payment. Click on the link below to get a free repair quote!

Free Quote

Collect & Return Service

Ring 01709 527 200 or click the link below to fill out the form on the contact page to arrange an appointment. If its something that can be resolved onsite we will do this,but for most repairs we will need to bring it back to our workshop for further diagnosis, We do offer a free pickup and drop off service for workshop repairs.


Repairs By Post

AJR can also repair your device even if you are not local to us, We offer a repairs by post service, We have repaired many device from all over the UK and out of the country for some customers, Ring 01709 527 200 or click the link below to fill out our contact form to find out how we can help out-of-area customers.