Ways to Attract More Followers on Social Media

Ways to Attract More Followers on Social Media

In this article AJR discuss Ways to Attract More Followers on Social Media

Unless you’re famous, attracting a herd of fans to your social networks will be a challenge. Here’s how regular average Joe blogs can do it.

If you use social media and click around on the profiles of random individuals, you’ll notice that the vast majority of users do not have thousands of people following their activities. But for anyone serious about using social media to build a personal brand, a strong following can be a springboard to untapped opportunities and a robust network of people in your corner who can open doors and help promote your agenda.

But like i mentioned unless you’re famous, attracting thousands of fans to your social feed will pose as quite a challenge.

Not sure how to proceed? Take some of our tips below on the tactics anyone can use to grow a following on social media. But remember it’s not about how many followers you have it’s about the followers you have.

Brand Voice Personality

I personally manage our social media, I don’t outsource this as i believe as the owner of the business our social media should be voiced by my personality and business voice to make the experience unique for our followers. I don’t want it to be one of those generic accounts that is stale and sales driven because that’s not what social media is for.

Don’t get me wrong it’s ok to promote from time to time and pickup a sale or new client that’s great, but when a business is constantly plugging their services and not been social this is just annoying.

People buy from people, not businesses they want trust and reliability so creating a rapport with people will help create businesses relationships and sales down the line.

Have a point of view to share

If you are in a leadership position, people want to learn from your insight. This is what social media is all about for me, learning from one another, so if you are willing to learn, be willing to share.

Share other people’s content

When you do, make sure to credit them where possible. This is an easy way to build “social” relationships by acknowledging the writer, and their thoughts. You may also disagree with them, and that could make for a great conversation.

Engage authentically in conversations

Don’t just talk at people. Clients especially get a kick from the CEO of the company helping them solve an issue. No one wants to hear corporate talk, the point of social media is to get direct, quick access. So be direct in your language.


People talk about you without tweeting you directly. Take the time to build the search capabilities that allow you to listen in on conversations about you. You may solve an issue you didn’t know you had about your business. And if they’re talking negatively about you or your business, you may have the opportunity to change their minds, simply by listening.

Learn from those around you

Millennials, for example, may be good at keeping you updated on the latest trends in social media. This platform changes rapidly, so you should know how the changes affect your type of communication, you may be able to enhance your platform, or do nothing. But stay informed.

Always Post With Engaging Images

It’s proof that a social media post or tweet gets more engagement when it has an image attached. People engage more when they can do this visually, it catches the eye draws the persons attention and if you can communicate a message visually in seconds without the person have to read your full post or tweet to understand this will benefit the reader giving them less work to do and making it easier for them to visually engage with your content.

If your not a graphic designer don’t worry there are plenty of services out there that you can use and one recommended is Stencil you can use it for free and it’s web-based so all you need is an internet connection, so you can use it with any computer with some minor limitations such as less images per month as opposed to unlimited with the pro, but the pro package is quite cheap and once your gaining new customers through engaging images it pays for itself in the long run

Use software to help you organise, search and schedule your content

I use Hootsuite & Buffer App because I don’t have time as a CEO to always be social. And so the software helps me to organise my thoughts and manage our companies content and content thats of interest to me that i would personally like to share.

Have fun

Because this is a medium to connect with people you’d never know otherwise, so step out of your comfort zone and see what people are talking about. You might learn a thing or two.


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