The Future of Display Technology: MicroLED

The Future of Display Technology MicroLED

There have been many high-tech screen display technologies which have been changing over the years. From conventional tube televisions to plasma screens, projectors then LCD and finally OLEDs, the display screen market has seen various screen definitions, materials, and formats.

Like the tablet, high-definition TV and Smartphone markets have developed suddenly; manufacturers are left with no other choice but to produce screens that are of higher definition, thinner and smaller than their rivals. The discovery of MicroLED technology will no doubt change the way screens are produced, their specifications and the resolutions that LED can achieve.

What is MicroLED?

MicroLED is a bit different. It is a new kind of display panel that engineers hope that it one day find itself in all things from phones to TVs. MicroLED combines both the LED backlight and LCD layers in one screen. Therefore, MicroLEDs are multifaceted technological improvements that offer vibrant images that have right viewing angles.

MicroLEDs reduces the size of LEDs which implies that they can occupy the same space that was occupied by a single diode. This boosts their ability to give detail and to resolve power, but this adversely affects their brightness. Improving the brightness of MicroLEDs will need higher diode efficiency or more power, or a
combination of both. Cranking more power into small LEDs implies that there will be more heat or manufacturing complexity.

The Time is Right to Shrink LEDs

Currently, there is a set limit on small producers could make LED boards because of the size of the pitch and diode size. Manufacturing processes and hardware technology are always the major limiting factors since small LEDs could be produced and mounted on a circuit of a typical size and efficiency. Instead of the many conventional LEDs we see in screens today, MicroLEDs contain millions of such LEDs. Shrinking LEDs offers resolving power, but it involves the complexity of the hardware. The manufacturing technology and hardware have recently to make a way for LED screens to shift to MicroLEDs.

Manufacturers are ready to Launch MicroLED Display Technology

The first ever MicroLED TV to be launched was a Samsung’s brand known as The Wall’ which could allow the users to enlarge their TV as applications change. This is because the MicroLED TV is modular. This means that it is made up of small panels which are fused to form the large screen.

Samsung is determined to provide their clients with cutting-edge screen technologies that are unmatched in the market. The wall highlights some of promising benefits and breakthroughs that MicroLED tech has to offer, from delivering a high resolution to improving brightness.

Most LED screens you see today have both LCD/LED that use the same element to backlight the screen and the other to create images. The Samsung wall TV has a 120-inch format which has a complex backstory. However, Samsung has not mastered how to make small screens using MicroLED technology. Heat generation, cost, and power are major constraints surrounding the small-scale manufacture of LEDs. Apple is working on its MicroLED display research and hopes that it will be able to produce brighter and thinner iPhones using the technology.

OLED Vs.MicroLED and the Future of Screen Technology

OLEDs are behind the screen technology we seen in tablets and Smartphone’s today, they are produced using cheap material than MicroLED given the current manufacturing constraints. However, their major disadvantage is that they are produced using organic materials, and this creates more demand for MIcroLEDs. This makes it so expensive to produce OLEDs than MicroLEDs. Also, their brightness level is limited and cannot be extended any further.

Welcome to the Future

There is no doubt that the future of display screen tech is MicroLED. Just like other new cutting-edge technologies, producers have to learn as manufacturing processes and material science try to harness the potential of this technology. Once the production potential has been achieved, consumers can now enjoy the
incredible benefits of MicroLED technology.

Samsung is set to launch another MicroLED tv in 2019, while Apple strongly believes that it will use the technology in its phones three years from now. As with other technological advances, very few products are successful at first, but the floodgates will soon open for MicroLED tech.

MicroLED will soon power
screen-dominated devices with high resolution and brightness. If you want to learn more about MicroLEDs and screen technology,

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Guest post by Anna Kucirkova

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