Have You Backed Up Your Data ?

Have you backed up your data

Here at AJR we had a customer call us last week to say their computer was not booting into windows and was making a funny clicking sound and also displaying the error “Failed to find boot media” right away i thought “oh no!…the hard drive is toast!”. We are currently in progress of upgrading this clients computer, with an upgrade to an (SSD) Solid State Drive as their primary boot drive with the Operating system installed, this will allow faster boot times and overall quickness in system operations.

We are also installing a SATA secondary drive as a internal backup location this will also be mapped out as a shared drive over their network so they can access and backup other devices to it,

We’re also setting up an automatic backup solution on their computer so they are future proofed and data is secure without the hassle of having to worry about backing up manually.

Due to the unfortunate events for this customer, i thought i would write this article to make others aware about How To Prevent Important Data Loss and that these drastic issues of drives failing can happen and will happen!, so the bottom line is backup your data people! i can’t stress this enough.

I hate having to tell a customer not only has your hard drive died, all the data is gone as the drive is unrecoverable, its the worst part of my job as i know the feeling and i have a heart! I have had people break down in front of me crying in agony, and its really hard to deal with!. So save yourself the pain and get your data backed up just in case your unfortunate like this client.

So Have You Backed Up Your Data ? in this article AJR explain the importance of why you should be doing this. It might come as a surprise, but many small businesses and even some medium-sized businesses struggle when it comes to correctly managing data. Small business owners are often unaware of the correct security, storage and backup protocols. According to studies, enterprise-sized companies take steps to keep their data as safe as possible. Why don’t small businesses always do the same?

The simple answer to this question is lack of awareness and the dangers that can come from not providing backup files.

Why create a backup?

No matter how big or small a business is, it still has important data. Losing such data can be harmful to the business if a backup is not present. Small business owners need to ask themselves, ‘What will happen if all or even some of my business’ data is lost?’

While it may not be the end of the world, losing mounds of data can cause huge setbacks in a number of departments. A security breach can cripple a business in one fell swoop, and that can take a newer business down before it even has a chance to succeed.

How do you create a backup?

Small businesses do not need to hire IT professionals in order to create backups. Professionals can be useful, of course, to prevent security breaches and other problems. However, copying data onto a flash drive, an external hard disk or a Cloud service only requires basic computer skills. There are also programs that can be used to create backups of important data, if you prefer them to simply making copies yourself.

There are two types of backups which can be created;

  • Local Backup

This is the type in which a backup is created on another computer, laptop, flash drive, hard disk, CDs, etc.

  • Online Backup

This is when a backup is created online. There are online backup services which a business can pay for. This can be useful because the data is still safe even if your backup location is damaged, lost or stolen. The data is present on the Internet and can be downloaded when needed.

Creating a backup is a small but important step when it comes to minimizing the security risks which a small business can face. Once you’ve created a backup, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your business’s data is safe even if something unfortunate occurs.

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