What is a Managed Antivirus Solution

What is a Managed Antivirus Solutions

In this article AJR will discuss – What is a Managed Antivirus Solution

Business networks are becoming more complex as more devices are introduced and more applications are implemented. Therefore, administrators are having a harder time managing all the aspects of a network. One idea that will help administrators better manage security on networks and protect workstation computers and servers is using a managed antivirus solution. This article covers the topic of managed antivirus solution to help decide if this is a good solution for you and your business. We will also introduce you to our “AJR Cloud Tech – Your Tech in The Cloud 24/7 365” which is much more than a managed antivirus solution.

What is a Managed Antivirus Solution ?

Most people are probably familiar with the antivirus and anti-malware software that may or may not be installed on your individual computer. Once installed on the system it runs in the background and protects you from nasty programs, you probably know that you have to update it frequently, and pay a price every year to keep it updated if your smart and not using the free rubbish that’s out there!. This is considered an unmanaged antivirus program or standalone version. This is because everything is handled by the end user, they even have the ability to turn off updates and remove the program all together.

A managed antivirus solution provides a central cloud based way to manage all these pieces of software as the IT Support provider we managed and take away the responsibility of the end user while also providing a better and more secure service and piece of mind its fully managed by a professional. Managed Antivirus Solution can handle installing the software, managing updates, blocking uninstallation of the program or turning off the realtime scanner. All of this is typically handled from a central console by your IT Support Specialist / IT Support Provider .

The Benefits of Managed Antivirus Solution

For a small to large size business, you can probably already see many of the benefits of a managed antivirus solution. But, let’s go over a few to be clear.

  • Managed Antivirus Solution delivers enterprise class protection
  • Fully Monitored and maintained 24/7 by the managed service provider
  • Provides proactive and comprehensive security, monitoring and management
  • All computers are protected the same. You do not have to worry about people disabling the scanner, ignoring updates or removing the software. You also do not have to worry about working hard to protect your network only to have it compromised because one user isn’t protected.
  • Centralizes the deployment and updating of software to ensure coverage and consistency
  • There is no opportunity for a breach. Users will not be able to turn off the software or disable it. They will not have the permissions to do this because it is all managed by the IT Support Provider
  • Cleaning and monitoring is done from the cloud based central location. A central console will alert Your IT Support Provider to infections and they can react quicker to begin the clean process. The cleaning and scanning can be initiated from the Cloud console in many cases.
  • Automates management processes to avoid errors and reduce costs
  • Leverages expert IT skills
  • All security items are actioned by the IT Support Provider
  • System health reporting assures you that systems are up to date and secure.

Introducing AJR Cloud Tech

If you are thinking about a managed antivirus solution for your business or even your home based system then you need to check out AJR Cloud Tech its much more than a managed antivirus and we fully manage it in the cloud keeping your systems safe! AJR Cloud Tech has enabled us to support clients further afield and in different countries around the world. We have 3 types of packages to choose from.

  • Proactive Monitoring + Patch Management
  • Proactive Monitoring + Patch Management + Anti-Malware
  • AJR Total Sytem Care ( Proactive Monitoring + Patch Management + plus Maintenance = Cleaning & Optimisation)

More info and screen shots can be found here

As you can see, there are many advantages to using managed antivirus and cloud based monitoring solutions. For organizations with more than a few computers it can be a solution that will help better protect the network and make it easier to control.

AJR Cloud Tech Your Tech in The Cloud 247-365

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