Using Refurbished Ink Cartridges Damage or Void Printer Warranty

Using Refurbished Ink Cartridges Damage or Void Printer Warranty

In this article AJR will discuss Using Refurbished Ink Cartridges Damage or Void Printer Warranty

At some point in time, you most definitely have had to replace the ink cartridges in your printer. You may also have used or been tempted to use a refurbished or re manufactured cartridge know as compatible ink and wondered whether or using these will damage your printer or void its warranty.

Unfortunately, brand new genuine ink cartridge are not cheap to purchase, in fact they can sometimes cost just as much as the printer itself! With that in mind, it’s no wonder many consumers turn to refurbished ink cartridges.
However, there is a common belief that if you use a refurbished ink cartridge, it will void the warranty of your printer; or worse yet, damage your printer

(i know first hand working in the IT industry this is true the amount of schools i have looked after over the years bought the compatible Ink and toner as it was allot cheaper and kept the schools budget down. It would make a terrible mess inside the printer destroying the internal components and ruining the printer heads making printed documents look terrible).

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of purchasing a refurbished ink cartridge. A refurbished ink cartridge, also sometimes called re manufactured ink cartridges or compatible ink cartridge as mentioned earlier, is a cartridge that was sent to an ink manufacturer to be recycled and refilled with ink. The manufacturer will also make any necessary repairs or replacements to the cartridge.


Cost: The biggest advantage of using re manufactured cartridges is obviously the price. They tend to be drastically cheaper than a brand new genuine ink cartridge and the cost savings are between 15-70%.

Availability: They are readily available. These days, you can find refurbished ink cartridges almost everywhere and for most models and makes of printers.

Environment: Using re manufactured cartridges is good for the environment as you’re recycling ink cartridges rather than creating more waste or buying new ones.


Reliability: Because these are refurbished units, they may leak or break down. This is why, it’s important to purchase them from a reputable company as they will usually make the necessary repairs and ensure that they meet high standards.

Ink Yield and Quality: Depending on the printer model and the manufacturer, the ink yield (the # of expected pages) and the print quality might be considerably lower when compared to original genuine cartridges. The only way to know is to actually purchase and compare both products.

Related to printer warranty, the situation could get a little grey. The onus is usually on the printer manufacturer to prove that the use of the refurbished cartridge actually caused the damage in the first place. In this case, it may be more prudent to remove the cartridge from the printer before sending it for repair work. You should do this anyway as you don’t want theme leaking when in transit..its common scenes and the printer manufacturer will properly ask you to remove them.

Does this mean that it is wiser to use re manufactured ink cartridges?

It depends:
If the printer warranty expired and cost is of a concern and you have taken into account what it would cost to replace the printer if it became damaged and you obviously don’t mind the lack of quality compared to using genuine ink, then use re manufactured cartridges. If the warranty is still valid and the cost is not an issue or if you require the highest print quality, then only use the genuine original cartridges.

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