Should I Upgrade My Computer to Windows 10

Should I Upgrade My Computer to Windows 10

In this article AJR will discuss – Should I Upgrade My Computer to Windows 10 

Windows 10 has been available for quite some time now the free upgrade period is finally approaching which ends 29th July 2016, that’s the final day your eligible to receive the upgrade. Windows 10 has become Microsoft’s most popular operating system release yet. So the question on everybody’s mind is Should I Upgrade My Computer to Windows 10 ?

The short answer is ‘yes’ – I know allot of people don’t like change but in technology that’s the aim of the game and change is not always necessarily bad there are good changes happening all the time and Windows 10 is one of them, so here are our top three reasons for making that recommendation.

1. Windows 7 is no longer supported

The beloved Windows 7 took over from Windows XP as the flagship of windows operating systems becoming the most stable and secure OS, Loved by technical and non-technical users alike, Windows 7 has been the Windows operating system of choice for years – even after the release of its successor Windows 8. Microsoft withdrew mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015, with security patches and updates only available until 2020.

Upgrade to Windows 10 now to avoid these problems.

2. It’s free

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for any PCs currently running Windows 7 or 8. In fact, many of your PCs have probably already tried to convince users to download the free update already.

As a free upgrade, there is no capital investment required to make the move, The very latest Microsoft software is supplied.

3. Windows 10 allows your team to be more productive

Just like every release before it, Windows 10 is designed to be more secure and more feature rich, giving workers new tools to be more productive. After a few weeks your team will wonder how they ever managed without multiple desktops, improved ‘snap’ functions or universal apps that run across desktop and mobile devices.

And for many, the return of the famous Start button is grounds enough for making the transition.

Although the upgrade to Windows 10 is relatively smooth and painless, we do recommend that you have professional assistance to help with the process and always backup your data. Choosing an IT Support Specialist like AJR to help carry out the upgrade will ensure that any technical issues are resolved quickly and that your team receive hands-on help to get started.

To learn more about Windows 10 – including all the other reasons your business should be making the upgrade, please get in touch.

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