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In this article AJR talk about Reasons For Having a Website Blog

I have had business owners ask me about “why should I blog?” the answer is simple. Quality blog content tells Google your business has a quality website.

I want to share with you the 5 benefits of a quality blog on your site, and some of the benefits I’ve reaped from mine.


A blog can establish you as a person of authority or expertise on the subject you are writing about. At the very least, it is an opportunity to establish a reputation if you are doing it right and honest. Don’t regurgitate other blogs content on your site, that’ll hurt you and it’s online plagiarism.

I have people who are cold leads, meaning never heard of them or met them, call or email for advice on WordPress, blogging, and social media. Things like that don’t happen by simply copying and pasting from somewhere else.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is about content and quality design. Make sure your site and it’s blog is readable and well designed, if so people will share and comment. That’s the main reason to blog if you want to rank in a good position. Get subscribers and folks that will read, share and comment.

Don’t limit your sites potential to reach new clients by just the home page or a services page.

Social Media

This follows SEO because likes, shares and re-tweets, tell the search engines that a real person is interacting and using your site and reading your content. It’s that simple. In an age after buying links and selling them to get ranked on Google, now it’s about organic and natural linking and sharing.

What’s more organic than a Twitter, Facebook or a Google plus one?


Offering deals, tips and tricks, or other helps can get you established and get return readers. Returning readers, could translate in referral. The number one thing that will always trump a top notch SEO strategy is referrals. Word of mouth. That’s why you should blog.

Sharing Infomation, Knowledge and News

Last Thing About Blogging. Practice the 80/20 rule on your social media, 80% share other peoples content, 20% share yours.

Subscribe and comment on other blogs, this helps them, and they’ll help you by commenting in return. All these things tell Google, this is a quality site that has something unique and useful to offer.

Finally, How AJR Can Help

Let us set you up with a eye catching blog and see what happens. We can also provide training and bring you up to speed on how to layout your articles and blog posts, things to include to make your posts stand out. You just might see your market area expand like mine did. Contact us today about getting started.

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