Benefits Of Managed IT Services For Small Business

Benefits of managed IT services for small businesses

IT management services are nothing but insurance for business continuity. Which means all your critical business information and records are managed and monitored 24/7. It also means transferring your day-to-day related IT management responsibility as a strategic method to ensure that all your systems are running as efficiently as possible with little or no downtime.

Also, with IT management services you save money. Here’s how: an IT failure, whether in hardware, software, or labour – costs your employees and resources downtime and the additional expenses to hire help. Instead, with a monthly retainer, you get to manage all your IT needs – an optimal solution to keep your business up and running smoothly. Plus, these monthly programs/services are customized to suit the size and complexity of your business, taking into account your budget, business objectives, operational needs and technical investment.

There are many practical benefits in choosing the IT management services approach. Our IT management services clients will always receive top priority at all times when it comes to ensuring that their IT investment is operating at peak efficiency. Since your IT infrastructure is monitored 24/7, minor glitches are detected as soon as they occur, and are corrected before they cause major business disruptions. In the unlikely event that a failure occurs, you will receive top priority service with guaranteed response and time to resolution. IT management services guarantee prompt response, which saves your business money.

Business Computer Problems ?

Computer problems are always annoying but if you use your computer for business it can be crippling. Computer issues for small and home based businesses can mean hours or even days of lost productivity. Sign-up for our PC Protection and Monitoring service to reduce your risk of lost productivity.

What does PC Proactive Monitoring do ?

Our PC Protection and Monitoring service will keep you protected from security threats by making sure your computer receives critical patches and updates for Windows as well as Java, Adobe, Firefox, Chrome and others. The service also includes a fully managed anti-virus program that will alert us in the event that it’s not up to date, not running or if it’s quarantined a threat.

We will also monitor your machine 24/7 to ensure that all of your critical systems, services and hardware are running properly. In the event of any issues we’ll receive an alert so that we can contact you and resolve the issues before they become expensive repairs or result in lost productivity.

Why You Need Managed IT Services ?

Computer problems can be costly to repair but the downtime can often be even more costly. PC Protection and Monitoring will benefit your small or home based business by reducing the potential for downtime due to computer problems as well as the downtime caused by regular maintenance such as updates and virus scans. Your computer will be ready to work whenever you are.

One of the major advantages that an in-house IT department provides is full management of all IT equipment.  This includes; automated system and software updates, system inventory, monitoring of machines as well as the overall health of the machine. Centralized management services for computer equipment allows employees to use their computer and work through the day without the burden of prompts about updates, virus infections and computer issues, in general.

Centralized management services are not only reserved for large corporations; smaller businesses thrive from these forward-thinking services as well. AJR Computing offers IT Management Services that will fit your small business budget and save you money in the long run.  All-the-while, we will keep your machines updated and running smoothly to boost productivity, and in many cases, our services will catch issues long before they become costly.  For example, our monitoring will alert us if your virus protection stops working or fails to update so we can fix the problem before your machine gets a costly infection.

PC Protection and Proactive Monitoring Includes the Following Services:

  • Apply Updates, Service Packs or Security Updates that need to be installed to protect against viruses, spyware or hackers
  • Fully Managed AntiVirus software that is monitored 24/7 to ensure it is up-to-date and running correctly
  • Scan and Remove any Viruses or Spyware
  • Monitor the health of hard disk drives, capacity and usage
  • Monitor System Logs for software issues
  • Monitor for hacking attempts
  • Monitor whether critical Windows Services are running properly
  • Purge Temporary Internet Files and Temp Files which can slow your machine down and fill-up drive space
  • Verify that backups are working correctly

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